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Brief introduction to the ranking: why it has been introduced and how it works


The TCR category for Touring Car competition was conceived in 2014 by Marcello Lotti and launched by WSC, which is the owner of the TCR name, trademark and Technical Regulations.

TCR is reserved for production cars with a 4/5-door saloon or hatchback body that are powered by a 2-litre turbocharged-engine with output limited to 340bhp.

Starting in 2015 with the TCR International Series, the category quickly proliferated across Touring Car racing globally, becoming one of the most successful business cases in motorsport history - with more than forty TCR-sanctioned series all around the world, and more than 1,300 racing cars representing fourteen brands.

This growth has resulted in the involvement of an incredible number of drivers, who often jump from series to series during the same year, taking advantage of the common technical regulations.

“We are talking of nearly 700 drivers of about 60 different nationalities that enjoy racing at the wheel of TCR cars at the four corners of the earth,” explains Marcello Lotti. “Looking at these figures and drawing inspiration from what other popular sports are doing, it was logical to think about a World Ranking that would list all the drivers and award points according to their results. We began developing it two years ago, and finally we are now able to launch it online.”



The TCR World Ranking takes into account the list of eligible races in the frame of the TCR-sanctioned series/events.

Each series/event is allocated a Coefficient A of level determined by their status.

The ranking of each driver is determined by their last 20 results.

When a driver fails to take part in a TCR event during the last 30 weeks, every four weeks the oldest result will be deducted from their total.

List of classes of racing and their Coefficient A.

Coefficient A5 – International series/events

International series and events include global competitions, including FIA sanctioned events.

  • FIA Kumho TCR World Tour
  • TCR World Ranking Final (Final Race)
  • FIA Motorsport Games
  • WTCR - FIA Touring Car World Cup (2021/2022)

Kumho TCR World Tour events’ coefficient is also extended to the hosting Regional/National series. 

Coefficient A4.5 – Regional series

A Regional series is typically a multi-national series organised across a specific region, such as Europe, Asia, and South America.

  • TCR Europe
  • TCR South America
  • TCR Eastern Europe
  • TCR Asia
  • TCR Asia Challenge (from 2022)


Coefficient A4 – National series

A National series is typically a standalone series or championship, with the full grid represented by TCR cars, run under a national licence.

  • TCR Australia
  • TCR Brazil
  • TCR China
  • TCR Chinese Taipei
  • TCR Denmark
  • TCR Germany
  • TCR Italy
  • TCR Japan
  • TCR Russia
  • TCR Scandinavia (2021/2022)
  • TCR Spain
  • TCR UK
  • TCR World Ranking Final (Qualifying Race)

Coefficient A3.5 – Endurance series/events

An Endurance series generally includes any series which incorporates TCR cars as a class, or it could be run as a standalone series. 

  • IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge
  • TCR European Endurance
  • 24H Series
  • Super Taikyu
  • Campeonato de España de Resistencia
  • BEC 4H
  • Coppa Italia Turismo Endurance
  • Nürburgring Langstrecken-Serie (NLS)
  • ADAC 24H Nürburgring Qualifying Race
  • ADAC 24H Nürburgring
  • 1006km Palanga
  • CPV / Super Cars Series


Coefficient A3 – Other Sprint series/events

Sprint series and other events includes all shorter races which incorporate TCR cars as a class within their category.

  • TC France
  • Canadian SCCC
  • Baltic TCC 
  • Coppa Italia Turismo
  • TCR World Ranking Final (Repechage Race)


A Coefficient B is then applied to each event and is determined by the number of entries.

Coefficient 1 = 1 to 5 entries
Coefficient 1.5 = 6 to 10 entries
Coefficient 2.0 = 11 to 15 entries
Coefficient 3.0 = 16 to 20 entries
Coefficient 3.5 = > 20 entries


The points scale

Points are awarded to the driver per each race they take part in, according to the following scale:

1st classified - 45 points
2nd classified - 40 points
3rd classified - 35 points
4th classified - 30 points
5th classified - 25 points
6th classified - 20 points
7th classified - 18 points
8th classified - 16 points
9th classified - 14 points
10th classified - 12 points
11th classified - 10 points
12th classified - 9 points
13th classified - 8 points
14th classified - 7 points
15th classified - 6 points
16th classified - 5 points
17th classified - 4 points
18th classified - 3 points
19th classified - 2 points
20th classified and all other starters - 1 point


The points scored are multiplied for Coefficient A and then for Coefficient B; and then the total is divided by 100.


Updated weekly
The new ranking will be posted at midnight (00:00 CEST) each Wednesday.


"With nearly 700 drivers racing in TCR cars at the four corners of the earth every year, it was logical to think about a World Ranking that would list them all and award points according to their results."

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