Darron Lewis prepared for a full-time return to TCR UK

Darron Lewis prepared for a full-time return to TCR UK

23 January 2023

Darron Lewis will take on his maiden full-time campaign in the 2023 TCR UK after his one-off entry at Donington Park last year in the same Audi RS 3 LMS.

Having used the winter to become more familiar with the Audi, Lewis will be embarking on a pre-season test programme to make sure that he is up to speed for the season start at Snetterton.

“Last year’s one-off entry at Donington Park was fun and for me, that’s why I go motor racing, I do it because I enjoy it. Having said that, it’s also clear that TCR UK has grown since I last took part properly in 2021 and my decision to be a part of it for a full season was easy to make,” explained Lewis. “It’s great to see that there are newer models coming in for 2023, however, that means I can work on making sure that I have the speed and reliability to be fast when others struggle. Touring car racing is partly about luck, so I’m aiming for good speed and reliability in the first half of the season, giving myself an edge for others to try to catch up on.”


Picture: TCR UK

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